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Patios, Pergolas and Awnings – for storage and leisure

A place outside the home area but within the garden space where the family can watch the night sky, dine during good weather, have a cup of tea, read a good book or other recreational activity, is a great way to keep the family together. To have a well-built and safe place outside the actual home for these outdoor activities, it is best to contact Bunbury Patio Pergolas Sheds for the best patios and pergolas.


A patio is a paved outdoor area that is usually used for recreational activities and dining. It is built with sturdy columns and roof, which is usually made out of wood but some can be made from steel. The floor of the patio is paved with any paving material according to the customer’s choice. The materials can vary depending on the budget and the desired style of the customer. Many beautiful patio designs can complement the design of any home. The company can assist with any patio design desired by the customer ensuring that the product is what the customer wants.


Another outdoor area that can enhance any backyard or garden is a pergola. A pergola is a structure built adjoining a home or separate from it. It is made of big columns, which supports a grid of beams or rafters, which can be open or closed, depending on the customer’s choice. Pergolas are best for places that experience less rain, especially when an open rafter is chosen. This can be a great place for tea or afternoon barbecues.
A pergola can also be modified into a beautiful open garden where plants can freely soak in the sun rays from the open space. It does provide a beautiful aesthetic to any home, especially if created by experts with top tier materials. It is best to choose a company that can provide great staff and long lasting materials.


If budget is sparse but an outdoor area is needed, or if a backdoor leads straight to a pool and there is no space for a patio or a pergola, an awning might just be the right thing. Awnings are sunshades connected to the walls above a window or a backdoor area. Awnings are space savers since it does not require massive columns, they are just connected by metal rods into the home’s outdoor walls. The awnings’ materials and patterns depend on the customer’s choice.

Electrical/ automated Awnings

The length and height can depend on the placement and the usage of the awning. Automated awnings, which can fold onto the wall with the use of a remote is available for an easier experience. The company can assist with the instalment of awnings for any home. The expert staff can assist any customer in choosing the appropriate type of awning for their home.

There are many ways to enhance a garden, which can also be used for recreational activities. A patio, pergola and an awning are just a few of this company’s best offers. If unsure which outdoor structure best fits any home, contact the company’s customer friendly staff for any advice regarding these matters. Bunbury Patio Pergolas Sheds are happy to serve and help

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